Samuel L. Jackson Just Made A Shocking Announcement

He’s leaving acting and taking on the life of a crime-fighting vigilante. He’s *probably* joking, but you just don’t know with him.

Samuel L. Jackson made a proposition to Reddit earlier this week: donate $100,000 to a charity for alzheimer’s research, and he’d use his incredible elocution talents to read a monologue of the website’s choosing.

Unfortunately, the thread got totally screwed up by infighting and invading 4chan users (“Don’t think I don’t know about you muthafukkas”, he wrote) so the world’s largest Olympics fan/actor decided to take things into his own hands when the donations topped his target.

“To clarify how I chose the winner, this feed was a muthafukkin mess, it was easier to tell which ones got the most death threats rather than the most upvotes, so out of the top ones I chose the one that I felt was the most badass and monologue 2 coming over the weekend!” Jackson wrote in an update to the Reddit thread.

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