A Very Happy Jimmy Kimmel Explains Why Kanye West Is So Mad At Him

The threatening phone call and crazy tweets are only helping Jimmy’s show, FYI.

Jimmy Kimmel is finally in a rap rivalry!

Last night, Kanye West went on a capital letter-filled Twitter tirade against Jimmy Kimmel, upset that the host aired a spoof in which a child recited the lines that Kanye spoke during an interview with the BBC. You may have heard about it or seen the photoshops.

The rant, it seems, came as a consequence of the late night host’s refusal to apologize on the air; and, of course, resulted in even more broadcast mockery.

“He called me. He said a lot of things,” Kimmel explained on his show Thursday night. “He told me I had two choices: One, apologize publicly… And that was really the only choice; the other choice he gave was ‘My life is going to be much better if I apologize.’”

So, was Kanye right? The fearless Kimmel, after his initial explanation, took a risk and did his viewers the courtesy of bringing up on the chyron the angry tweets that Kanye sent after learning that his warning would go unheeded. He then responded to each and every one of them, which at the very least cleared up one lingering question: Jimmy Kimmel is not, in fact, fucking Ben Affleck.

So, who do you think won this round?

5. Here is that spoof that upset Kanye so much, by the way:

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