Dan Harmon Says He’s Returning To “Community”

The ousted creator and showrunner had been in talks with Sony to return for the sitcom’s fifth season. Looks like the deal’s been closed.

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After a morning spent tweeting (possibly while drunk?) about his potential return to Community, Dan Harmon kinda, sorta announced that he was officially back at Greendale a year after his firing.

The cult favorite show struggled creatively without Harmon in its fourth season, and once NBC had given the surprise green light to a fifth season of series, word broke that Sony, which produces the show, was working to bring him back into the fold. He was fired due to his idiosyncratic (some say pain-in-the-ass) ways of working, but his cast — led by Joel McHale, Alison Brie and Donald Glover — absolutely loved him.

Well, all of his cast except for Chevy Chase, with whom he famously feuded, but Chase left the show at the end of last season, anyway.

Harmon tweeted all Friday night and Saturday morning about the situation, peppering in mentions of just how much he was drinking. Nonetheless, given the concrete answer he gave, it seems as if we’ll see a Harmon-infused fifth season of Community, which will run for 13 episodes next year.

Here’s the rundown of his tweets:

Sorry about that. There must have been a miscommunication. Season 5 will be directed by whoever the fuck. Sorry! Sorry! #WindyBoys

— danharmon (@Dan Harmon)

Does anyone know any talented writers that haven't been hired by Parks and Rec? I'm staffing for a friend.

— danharmon (@Dan Harmon)

@Brad7861 I actually did ask @ChelseaVPeretti. She's busy.

— danharmon (@Dan Harmon)

And maybe @RashisTVUgly and possibly @kenjeong. I ran out of tweet space. But what have those guys done for us lately.

— danharmon (@Dan Harmon)

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