10 Things To Know About The Actress Who Plays The Mother On “HIMYM”

After eight long seasons, the subject of the longest, most inappropriate anecdote a father has ever told his children has been revealed. So what do we know about her?

1. She’s 27 and from Cherry Hill, NJ

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Milioti went to public school in the southern New Jersey town, where she participated in theater.

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2. She earned a Tony nomination for her lead role in Once on Broadway

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3. She learned to play the piano in 10 days before her audition

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4. She is 30 Rock’s Sexy Baby

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In auditions, she based the voice on Paris Hilton. Here’s what she had to say about Tina Fey: “She’s incredible. She’s an insane martian genius when it comes to comedy. She’s an incredible woman to look up to. But after a while, it was, ‘Oh, that’s Tina Fey, and she’s cool.’ We just hung out and ate pretzels. We sat in a warming tent and ate pretzels.”

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5. She went to NYU’s Tisch but dropped out after a year

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“I wasn’t a very good student,” she said last year. “I prefer to learn by experience.”

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6. She played Mike Birbiglia’s sister Janet in Sleepwalk With Me

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“I would never have known that he had never directed a feature film before,” she said of Birbiglia. “He and Seth Barrish, who co-directed it, were so loving and generous and kind. And even when shit was really hitting the fan, [Mike] was just so calm and collected. He was like, “All right everyone, it’s just going to be like another hour and a half. Anyone want some snacks?” They were under immense pressure, and it was just the loveliest working environment and it was a great group of people.

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7. She’ll soon co-star in Wolf of Wall Street with this guy

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“I play Leonardo DiCaprio’s first wife,” she revealed. “I’m a hairdresser in Queens in the ’80s, and we’re newly married as he’s working his way up the chain.”

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8. She doesn’t read reviews

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“So then I was like, you know what, fuck this! This is not why I do it,” she told Gothamist last year.” “I don’t do it to get good reviews and I don’t really care what…I want the audience to enjoy it, that’s like my biggest goal. So, I’ve just kind of backed away from all that stuff. I know a ton of actors who read everything and I just, I don’t know how you can. Maybe I’m just too sensitive.”

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9. She dates a furniture-maker and lives in Bushwick, Brooklyn

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“Milioti and Hooker have hosted many dinner parties, including a Thanksgiving gathering for the cast of Once along with the couple’s family and friends,” according to the NY Post. “‘We cooked a 20-pound, free-range turkey,’” Milioti says. ‘Jesse is a really good cook, and I’ve gotten much better.’”

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10. She’s a BuzzFeed fan!

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“I watch a lot of dog videos,” she said last year. “I go to BuzzFeed a lot, do you know that website? I read your website, I go to Huffington Post, BuzzFeed. A lot of it is driven by cute animals.”

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