Comedian Nathan Fielder Is Playing A Horrifying And Hilarious Prank On Twitter

The host of Nathan For You told his followers to text their significant others, “I haven’t been fully honest with you” and then not reply when they freak out. Boy, did they freak out. posted on

Comedy Central

Experiment: text the person ur dating "I haven't been fully honest with you" then dont reply to them for 1 hr (& tweet pic of thr response)

@nathanfielder" target="_blank">">@nathanfielder Rapid fire replies will not stop. And he knows I'm reading them.

@nathanfielder" target="_blank">">@nathanfielder took it better than expected....

@nathanfielder" target="_blank">">@nathanfielder Not even 5 minutes after I sent this. I'm really scared now lol.

@nathanfielder" target="_blank">">@nathanfielder waiting a hour would end a relationship.

@nathanfielder" target="_blank">">@nathanfielder Updated. Men are the worst at this game. Why does everything always turns into anal?

@nathanfielder" target="_blank">">@nathanfielder she was a little mad I think.. Sorry @alexawandy" target="_blank">">@alexawandy 😁

@nathanfielder" target="_blank">">@nathanfielder @desusnice" target="_blank">">@desusnice

@nathanfielder" target="_blank">">@nathanfielder I felt so bad but I couldn't stop laughing what is wrong with me???

@nathanfielder" target="_blank">">@nathanfielder Im not actually dating him but he's the closest thing to it.

@nathanfielder" target="_blank">">@nathanfielder 15 minutes until my life was threatened

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