“Arrested Development” Reveals Its First New Trailer, And It’s Filled With WTF Moments

The Bluths are back! But what the hell is going on?!

First, that star-studded premiere. Then, the Frozen Banana Stand goes on tour. Now, a minute and a half of glorious teasing ahead of Arrested Development’s May 26 re-premiere on Netflix. There’s lots to unpack in this first trailer, so watch below and take a drive in the stair car to WTF-ville, where questions abound!

ID: 1164626
ID: 1164584

3. George Michael and Maeby are roommates again. Are they lovers too?

ID: 1164611

4. What does this creepy bird represent?

ID: 1164599

5. And how about this one? (Also, how did an ostrich get in the house?)

ID: 1164604

6. Did Kitty say good-bye to… umm… those?

ID: 1164605

7. Did Tobias win an Oscar yet? Will that new sign be the latest promotional stunt for AD?

ID: 1164607

8. Is Mike’s Hard Lemonade buying all that product placement? Is GOB a teenage girl now?

ID: 1164608

9. More importantly, is he back in the good graces of the Magician’s Alliance?

ID: 1164610

10. They’re still together?!

ID: 1164635

11. How many miles does this thing have on it by now?

ID: 1164636

12. And finally, is Buster back on the sauce? Can anything save him?

ID: 1164622

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