11 Celebs Who Think “Mandela” Is Going To Be “Amazing” And Want You To Buy Tickets

They’re so excited about Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom, their tweets look similar and include the same link … to Fandango! It’s common for stars to tweet ads, but these sponsored #MandelaMovie tweets don’t include an #ad hashtag. [UPDATE]

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Celebrities getting paid to tweet advertisements is practically as old as Twitter itself, but the below curiously similar recent tweets promoting Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom (which all include a link to Fandango) don’t note that the tweets are sponsored. Save for Perez Hilton’s, there’s no #ad hashtag or (SPONSORED) notation among the 140 characters. It could’ve cost The Weinstein Company, which is distributing the film about the late Mandela, a nice chunk of change to get the likes of Khloe Kardashian to tweet in support of the movie — according to SponsoredTweets.com, Kardashian gets $13,000 per tweet. But a rep for Weinstein “doesn’t believe they were bought tweets.”


#MandelaMovie is AMAZING! See it for yourself in 24 HOURS!!! Get your tickets NOW! -> http://t.co/7pJxofyT7j

— iamdiddy (@Diddy)

#MandelaMovie looks like it’s going to be an AMAZING film! Comes out Christmas day! Check it out NOW! -> http://t.co/AAWPuIujEp

— TasiasWord (@Fantasia Barrino)

Check out the trailer - #Mandela Long Walk To Freedom #MandelaMovie http://t.co/Gq1UIlMUdM

— Akon (@AKON)

Be sure to check out the #MandelaMovie this Christmas! Tickets available for purchase here: http://t.co/9JiMxvo340

— official_flo (@FLO RIDA)

Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom is a must see! In theaters Christmas Day! Get your #MandelaMovie tickets NOW! -> http://t.co/DYl5PlvYAh

— djkhaled (@DJ KHALED)

I cannot wait to see #MandelaMovie! In theaters on Christmas day! Get your tickets NOW! -> http://t.co/qpJVucsmoV #ripmadiba

— TalibKweli (@Talib Kweli Greene)

#MandelaMovie is going to be an amazing film! In theaters Christmas Day. Buy tickets NOW! -> http://t.co/wOBsZuukz2

— TaylorArmstrong (@Taylor Armstrong)

11. This one, it should be noted, is the only one that includes that hashtag #ad

Mandela is going to be GREAT! In theaters TOMORROW! Get your #MandelaMovie tickets NOW! -> http://t.co/3VYzrZ2DJ0 #ad

— PerezHilton (@Perez Hilton)

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