24 Struggles Every Short Person Understands

Please stop patting us on the head now.

1. You always use a step ladder to reach the top shelf.

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2. Tall people obscure your view at movies & events.

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3. People think it’s hilarious when they rest their arm on your head.

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4. Your feet dangle when sitting in chairs.

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5. That same seat you subtlety hoist yourself in and out of.

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6. People say you have a Napoleon complex.

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There’s actually a difference between being driven and trying to conquer the world.

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7. You’re always up front in pictures.

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8. People say they want to put you in their pocket.

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9. You’re tired of hearing the semi-condescending, “You’re not that short.”

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10. Or people are delighted you make them “feel taller.”

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11. You’re annoyed with questions like “Do you shop at Baby Gap?”

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12. You weren’t tall enough to go on certain rides as a kid.

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13. People think you’re younger because of your height.

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14. People look down on you. Literally.

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15. People call you “cute,” “adorable,” “tiny,” and other words commonly associated with babies.

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16. You could even be a victim of heightism!

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Don’t worry. There’s a pseudo-support group for that.

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17. Dating isn’t always easy.

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Try spooning with someone substantially taller than you.

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18. Your short legs force you to walk fast just to keep up.

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19. People are cautious about what shoes to wear around you.

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20. You’ll never fit the “Tall, dark, and handsome” mold.

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21. People assume you’re terrible at sports.

OK maybe basketball isn’t our strong suit.

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22. School dances were an awkward time for you.

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23. Stores never have your size.

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24. But that doesn’t stop you.

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Because we know we’re the best.

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Because we’re not actually short. We’re concentrated awesome. We have more leg room in small cars, on airplanes and busses, and we live longer.

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