5 Ways To Run A University, Randy Dunn Style

One and Dunn.

1. Apply for new jobs immediately after being hired.

SIU’s search took five months. He assumed office at YSU seven months ago. You do the math.

Update: At 8:45 p.m. on Feb. 17, Dunn submitted his resignation to YSU’s Board of Trustees.

2. Seriously, everywhere you go, look for new jobs.

While leading Murray State, it was reported he “looked for other opportunities. Over the last few years, he has applied for university president positions at the University of Tennessee, Missouri State University and Northern Illinois University.”

3. Don’t fulfill your obligations.

Several hours before SIU tapped Dunn to be its newest president, he blew off YSU’s Crash Day, where he was slated to be a speaker. He failed to notify anyone ahead of time.

4. Cut budgets. Halt spending. Fire people.

In September 2013, Dunn signed-off on massive cuts, a spending freeze, and a round of layoffs. What did he care? He was already on the way out.

5. Leave everyone in the dark.

When news first broke about Dunn’s departure, YSU’s Board of Trustees & official spokesperson were taken aback by the news, and all were unsuccessful in contacting him for confirmation.

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