There’s A Cardboard Cutout Of David Cameron On Amazon And The Reviews Are Absolutely Hilarious

Yours for only £26.99.

For only £26.99 + shipping, you can get one of these. The reviews are quite something.

ID: 3465169

1. Some people decided to try their hand at political satire.

ID: 3464987

2. Apparently there was some sort of mix-up at Amazon’s Scottish warehouse.

ID: 3464976

3. Honestly, some of the reviews were genuinely helpful.

ID: 3464982

4. Most gave a balanced appraisal of the product’s strengths and weaknesses.

ID: 3464989

5. Apparently the cut-out isn’t much use on a rifle range.

ID: 3464977

6. One archery club was disappointed by its ability to withstand a longbow.

ID: 3464974

7. It’s reportedly fine for darts, though.

ID: 3465080

8. And, uh, saliva.

ID: 3464973

9. A lot of people took the opportunity to make naughty jokes about Nick Clegg.

ID: 3464975

10. Some people complained the product wasn’t entirely anatomically accurate.

ID: 3464981

11. It was hard to tell whether some of the reviewers were joking or not.

ID: 3464983

12. One recurring defect seemed to be a very noticeable tendency for the product to tilt to the right.

ID: 3464980

13. Later models came packaged with an ingenious solution, though.

ID: 3464984

14. It’s very useful for repelling unwanted visitors, too.

ID: 3464988

15. It turns out the cutout is the troubled gardener’s best friend.

ID: 3464978

16. One guy actually reviewed the product. Apparently it’s fine.

Unfortunately no one found his review helpful :(

ID: 3465329

17. This man was quite taken with the prime minister’s dashing appearance.

ID: 3464986

18. Some people agreed the product had fundamental flaws, and decided to wait for an updated version.

ID: 3465576

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