Why Tom Brady Getting Hurt Is The Best Possible Scenario

Tom Brady left practice today with a reported knee injury.

2. Enter Tim Tebow

Via OrlandoSentinel.com

That’s right. Now the Patriots can choose to have this magnificent play-caller lead their offensive attack.

5. And Return to Tebowmania


6. They will show us highlights like this…

i.imgur.com / Via imgur.com

8. … and also this.

9. If we’re lucky some of this.

10. We will all be thankful…

11. …for this gift we have received.

12. Haters will hate

blogger.com / Via JimmyFungus.com

13. … he will do his thing.

Via tumblr.com

14. Amen.

wordpress.com / Via tedquarters.net

15. P.S.

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