A Politician’s Guide To Betting On The Super Bowl

From Natty Boh to Mrs. Doubtfire, this is what our lawmakers could have to lose in the annual wagers.

WASHINGTON — One of the most time honored, cheesiest traditions on Capitol Hill is the annual Superbowl bet between lawmakers representing the opposing states. The wagers are normally terrible: a particular micro-beer from one city versus cheese curds, for instance.

This year was to feature the highly anticipated bet between Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi representing San Francisco and Minority Whip Steny Hoyer of Maryland. But Pelosi, who was born into one of Baltimore’s most infamous political families, has refused thanks to her dual regional loyalties.

This year, Buzzfeed would like to offer any other members considering making a bet on the big game the following potential wagers:

ID: 838018

2. The Brews

Natty Boh from Baltimore

ID: 837522

Anchor Steam from San Francisco.

ID: 837524

5. Clash of Cuisines

San Francisco based Ghiradelli

ID: 837528

Maryland’s blue crabs

ID: 837529

8. Diva Destruction

San Francisco’s own Mrs. Doubtfire

ID: 837535

Baltimore’s own Divine

ID: 837536

11. Battle of the Badasses

San Francisco’s fictional hero Egg Shen

ID: 837537

Baltimore’s fictional antihero Omar Little

ID: 837538

14. Winner Takes All

SanFran Pelosi

Wil McNamee / Getty mages (Pelosi) Nick Wass / AP (Lewis)
ID: 837540

Bodymore Nancy

AP Photo/Sacramento Bee(Amezcua) Mark Wilson / GettyImages (Pelosi)
ID: 837542

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