21st Century Eye

I was in Washington D.C. when Nixon was inaugurated. It was a glum, horrible, overcast day, cold and rainy, bleak, and that’s where he took the country – into a foggy frozen limbo. He set the modern pattern for Oval Office cover-ups and executive stonewalling, and turned up the paranoid distrust and oppression of the American people by its corrupted leaders. FOR MORE copy and paste into browser

1. 21st Century Eye

It is a shame so many are so ignorant and superstitious at the start of the 21st Century. We, as a species, thought so well of ourselves: technologically transcendent, having come so far from the primitive days of ancient Egyptian ritual. But we are still beset by competing, often violent myths, most of them trailing up out of the deep dark bowels of imagination, the legacy of long-dead ignorant, superstitious zealots. They contest with one another like gladiators in the arena.
We are remote echoes of prehistoric pasts, but are still earthly-bound to the nonsense of being a member of an over-riding culture, which never pauses long enough to discover itself. Too busy it is for introspection. Too concerned with making money and pretending to be movie-idols.

21st Century Eye is a Layered Composition.

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