Meet The Turk

He’s a lover, a fighter and a lover of mustaches — you have to meet him. Unless you’re the Surgeon General’s daughter.

1. He feeds nuts to tucans

Notice the babe peeping him in the background?

Classic Turk.

2. Babes stare at him hard, he don’t care

Turk knows they weaken legs & he’s addicted to physical fitness.

3. He went to the Far East and whooped their asses at chess

He beats buddhist monks silly, black belts and captains of industry too. The Turk loves chess.

4. He gives back to the local bums and drunks

Turk’s just looking to have a good time. He keeps the crowd loose and uninhibited.

5. His life is like Indiana Jones, only with far more smoke breaks

That emasculated man in glasses (next to the babe) looks like his relationship is in trouble. But it’s not The Turk’s way to infringe. The Turk comes in peace, bearing knowledge of rocks.

6. He’s gotta 6 pack and two babes peeping him in the background

Must be the allure of turkish tobacco sticking to his unbuttoned shirt.

Now that you’ve met The Turk, I think it’s safe to say, “He’s one of a kind.” Stay awesome everybody.

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