10 Uniquely Stunning College Campuses From Around The World

I mean, I wouldn’t mind studying if I went here.

1. University of Glasgow, Scotland

Hogwarts, anyone?

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2. Peking University, China

Peking University has its own lake.

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3. St George’s University, Grenada

Between lectures, students at this Caribbean medical school can enjoy the clear blue water and white sand beaches.

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4. Taroudant University, Morocco

Taroudant University campus is a work of modern art.

ID: 2055019

5. Furman University, U.S.A.

I’m sorry, I was looking for Gandalf.

ID: 2055034

6. University of Oxford, England

The world renowned University of Oxford campus needs no introduction. It’s so pretty.

ID: 2055027

7. Nanyang Technological University, Singapore

“It’s got a grass roof.”
“What’s the point in that?”
“Who cares? It’s got a grass roof!”

ID: 2055039

8. University of Coimbra, Portugal

The University of Coimbra’s library is covered in exquisite religious murals.

ID: 2055086

9. University of Virginia, U.S.A.

Designed by the great Thomas Jefferson, the University of Virginia has produced some of the country’s finest minds.

ID: 2055030

10. United States Air Force Academy, U.S.A.

Air Force Academy. Looks like a bunch of paper planes. See what they did there?!

ID: 2055097

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