The 18 Perks Of Having A Gay Best Friend

It’s pride month, so have some pride in your GBFF.

1. He’ll tell it like it is.

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2. Hands you out a reality check.

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3. Will not hold back on the fashion critique.

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4. Appreciates your body.

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5. Doesn’t mind if you get changed in front of him.

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6. Gives great advice.

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7. Points you in the right direction.

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8. Will be your memory bank.

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9. Sync up with you.

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10. Gives you your daily dose of sass.

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11. Not to mention doles out good gifts.

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12. Is clever with the nicknames.

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13. Always has a plan.

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14. Never misses an award show.

ID: 1251310

15. Will not hesitate to call.

ID: 1250704

16. Halts the drama.

ID: 1250695

17. Be there for you when things get scary.

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18. And most importantly of all, will always love you.

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