21 Things You Can Do On Your 21st Birthday That’s Non-Drinking Related

Drinking can be dangerous. Here’s a few fun and safe suggestions you can try on your big day!

1. You can go horseback riding.

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2. Or maybe boating.

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3. How about a nice scenic bike ride?

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4. You can re-connect with nature.

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5. Try a trampoline!

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6. How about rollerskating?

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7. Hangout at a fireworks show!

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8. Or even a cool day fishing!

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9. Enjoy a wonderful day with your pet.

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10. You can be a kid again!

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11. Stay in and play your favorite video game!

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12. You can challenge yourself.

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13. You can try the latest Internet fad.

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14. Go shopping!

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15. You can ride the ride of your life.

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16. You can chill in a hot tub.

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17. You can enjoy a nice day at the pool.

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18. You can have some fun with karaoke.

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19. You can get a little wild and go dancing.

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20. You can have a wonderful day with your significant other.

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21. And finally, you can have a nice, quiet birthday with friends.

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…On second thought, enjoy that pint on me.

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