20 Most Muggable Babies Of Instagram

Either these parents have a drinking problem or these drinks have a parent problem…

1. This beverage is fortified with win

ID: 1148584

2. Morning cup of awwww…

ID: 1148576

3. Hugs not mugs!

ID: 1148580

4. Someone ordered a double shot of adorable

ID: 1148573

5. Tea toddler

ID: 1148586

6. This mug runneth over with cuteness

ID: 1148572

7. Mugstache

ID: 1148963

8. Hope you have a Titanic thirst!

ID: 1148577

9. Too much baby for one mug

ID: 1148575

10. So I’m in a mug, big whoop, wanna fight about it?

ID: 1148571

11. Drink different

ID: 1148579

12. Freshly cupped

ID: 1148583

13. A mugful of grumpy

ID: 1148578

14. Eye opener

ID: 1148962

15. Brew buddies

ID: 1148581

16. Someone will be crying over spilled baby…

ID: 1148585

17. Oh hai!

ID: 1148964

18. Sip sized

ID: 1148961

19. Milk: it does a body… meh

ID: 1148592

20. Are we really doing this again?

ID: 1148590

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