15 Reasons To Vote For Joe Lhota For Mayor Of New York City

Why NYC should “embrace a larger than life, occasionally profane figure reminiscent of a more theatrical era in the city’s politics.”

1. Joe is bipartisan, having worked for Democrats & Republicans

CBS New York / Via  

Governor Cuomo and Mayor Giuliani have appointed Joe to senior positions where he achieved real results for New Yorkers

2. Joe is the original Brooklyn hipster

Of course, he was a hipster before it was cool

4. Joe supports the decriminalization of marijuana

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5. Got the largest, most complex transit system in the country back up and running 3 days after Superstorm Sandy

New York Observer / Via  

Joe’s management “bordered on the edge of magic.”

6. Joe Lhota has a beard

New York City hasn’t had a bearded mayor since 1909. For too long have New Yorkers suffered under the yoke of the follicly challenged!

7. Joe Lhota closed the Fresh Kills landfill, the largest garbage dump in the world

The Epoch Times / Via  

It was visible from space. Seriously.

8. Joe is an animal lover

Even cats (contrary to erroneous media reports)

9. Simple math. Joe turned New York City’s billion dollar deficit into a billion dollar surplus


10. He loves Nathan’s hot dogs

11. Joe puts the best interest of city/country first, not political party

14. Joe loves the Twitter account @DRUNKHULK


15. 2,000 murders a year; 9/11; Superstorm Sandy; Joe’s confronted it all

The New York Daily News / Via  

Above all, New York City needs a mayor who’s been tested

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