What’s Your Most Embarrassing Facebook Status?

2008 was such an awkward year on social media.

1. The early years of Facebook were a difficult time for everyone.

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2. No one really understood what to write for their status updates.

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5. Some of us used them for totally ~subtle~ flirting.

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7. While others used it to record their teenage milestones.

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10. And no one was shy to share their opinions… no matter how much they might have changed since then.

Alan White
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Robin Edds
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Declan Cashin
ID: 3440736

13. But whether you were throwing shade…

Cate Sevilla
ID: 3444374

14. …or publicly freaking out about your huge life problems..

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15. …the toe-curling embarrassment is a constant.

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16. So comment below with the weirdest, most embarrassing Facebook status you’ve ever written.

Awards and badges will be given to the best, craziest, and funniest statuses!

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