29 Things You’ll Only Remember If You Were A Myspace Kid

So much Top 8 drama!

1. You took the perfect bathroom selfie with an actual camera.

Bonus points if it was an SLR.

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2. In fact, you had all your Myspace angles down.

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3. You always thanked people for adding you.

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4. You’d spend hours writing an About Me which totally summed up your own brand of unique adolescent angst.

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5. You’d cheat on the iPod shuffle quizzes so the answers all made perfect sense.

“OMG! It worked so well!”

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6. Bulletins were the longform Facebook statuses of the mid-00s.

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7. If you logged into your account and saw this, you took a screenshot and posted it to your profile.

“Yay! More of this please!”

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8. PC 4 PC – yeah?

“You are SO FIT! xXxXxX”

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9. This face.

Jo Barrow / BuzzFeed

Also: &heart; and <3

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10. Your best friends took pictures that proclaimed how fit you were.

Jo Barrow

Jo Barrow

Jo Barrow

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11. It was worth spending hours to find the perfect wallpaper.

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12. Before Instagram filters, everyone photoshopped their photos, so the exposure was way up.


It was the perfect way to hide everyone’s terrible teenage skin.

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13. All the cool kids had Myspace names.

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14. The order of your Top 8 caused so much drama.

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15. You were mad proud of your drop-down lists because you could list all the bands you’d ever heard of in alphabetical order.

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16. In fact, you spent forever mastering HTML for your amazing custom profile.

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17. Only for ironic minimalist profiles to suddenly start being fashionable again.

ID: 3583911

18. You desperately wanted to be on a Myspace whore train.

ID: 3584297

19. Choosing new profile songs was the hardest decision you’d ever make.


“But does it sum me up as a person?”

ID: 3584584

20. Even though as soon as you click on your friend’s profiles the first thing you’ll do is mute their music.

ID: 3585584

21. The worst thing was if someone you added sent you the message: “Hi, sorry – do I know you?”

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22. Who I’d Like to Meet was the best place to shout out to future boyfriends or girlfriends.

ID: 3591544

23. You knew other social networks were for children.

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24. “Who wants to own my new default picture?”

Tollins/Robbins Productions / Via surfingbird.ru
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25. You knew people who said they were “famous on Myspace”.

BBC / Via bollypop.in

You acted completely unimpressed (but were secretly jealous).

ID: 3591923

26. Glitter graphics were the coolest way to keep in touch.


ID: 3591979

27. You’d spend hours trawling through the friends of bands you like to find the next undiscovered band.

“Oh, I liked them when they only had 400 friends on Myspace.”

ID: 3592124

28. You knew Myspace Tom would be your forever friend.

Jo Barrow / BuzzFeed / Via poppitcher.wordpress.com
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29. And when everyone eventually started moving to Facebook you flat-out refused.

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