The Ultimate St. Patrick’s Day Drinking Game

Oh, another green hat — time to chug.

1. It’s March 17.


2. You forgot to wear green.


3. Someone actually tries to pinch you.


4. You accidentally wore green.


5. You witness public vomiting.


6. You see green vomit.


7. You see something green that doesn’t need to be green.


8. You wonder how much green food coloring you’ve ingested.



9. Someone wears a weird hat for no clear reason.


10. Someone’s wearing a generally confusing outfit.


11. Someone claims to be 1/128th Irish.


12. A T-shirt prompts you to kiss someone.


13. You find a four-leaf clover.


14. You find a three-leaf clover.


15. Cabbage happens.


16. The true spirit of St. Patrick is honored and celebrated.


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