How Much Do You Hate Small Talk?


    1. The weather
    2. The unusual weather
    3. The nice weather
    4. The bad weather
    5. Your future weekend plans
    6. Your past weekend plans
    7. Your joy over the approaching weekend
    8. Your joy over it being Friday
    9. The fact that it’s Friday
    10. The fact that it’s Monday
    11. The fact that it’s not Friday
    12. That you thought it was Friday but it’s not
    13. That it “feels like Friday” but it’s not
    14. Tuesdays, am I right?
    15. At least it’s Thursday
    16. At least it’s Wednesday
    17. It’s “Hump Day!”
    18. How you’re doing
    19. How tired you are
    20. How hungry you are
    21. How busy you are
    22. What books you’ve read lately
    23. If the book you’re holding in your hands is any good
    24. What movies you’ve seen lately
    25. What TV shows you watch
    26. What music you’re into
    27. The big game
    28. How an elevator works
    29. The elevator’s speed or lack of speed
    30. What you’re going to eat for lunch
    31. What you ate for lunch
    32. How your lunch looks
    33. How your lunch smells
    34. How your lunch probably tastes
    35. What you’re doing after work
    36. Your holiday plans
    37. What you do for a living
    38. What you do in your spare time
    39. Where you’re from
    40. Where you live
    41. If you like where you live
    42. How you know someone
    43. What is new
    44. What is going on
    45. What is up
    46. What you’ve been up to lately
    47. Your life goals
    48. Whether or not you are single
    49. What you’re doing right now
    50. IS it a good morning? IS IT?

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