24 Signs You’re Early 2000s Mark McGrath

Let the frosted tips be your guide.

1. You have one thing you’re REALLY good at. And that’s rock locking.

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2. You showed not-quite-pants era Christina Aguilera your rock locking skills and she wasn’t impressed.

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3. You showed this red Solo cup your rock locking skills and it was very impressed.

Chris Weeks/Liaison
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4. You then went on to skyrocket that red Solo cup’s career by featuring it in Sugar Ray’s “When It’s Over” video.

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5. You’re in a band with a guy whose “thing” is always wearing a bucket hat.

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6. Your tips are perfectly frosted, pointing straight toward heaven.

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7. You’re a bad boy with total disregard for moped safety.

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8. You know that the most efficient way to get serious is: bandana.

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9. You defy anyone who says an argyle sweater vest can’t rock so hard.

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10. Your attitude can be described as nothing less than “in your face.”

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11. Your facial hair defies explanation.

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12. Your default facial expresion is:

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13. You know there’s no reason business casual can’t mix with rockin’ out.

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14. Kid Rock tells you all his silly little secrets. Tee hee hee.

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15. You constantly blow everyone’s minds.

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16. Hanging out with Eminem makes you stop and ponder life itself.

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ID: 2000978

17. You’ve mastered outrageous dance moves.

ID: 2000980

18. You know for a fact that wearing a sweater vest with nothing under it is hands down the best way to show off your tattoos of birds.

ID: 2000982

19. Gwen Stefani is willing to politely pose for a photo with you.

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(Regular, tongue-out-thumbs-up, and of course rock lock)

ID: 2002728

20. You were doing the tongue thing more than a decade before Miley.

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21. You know to exercise caution while rock locking and trucker hatting at the same time.

Photo by Jon Kopaloff / Getty Images
ID: 2001035

22. You have just a touch of duck face.

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ID: 2005171

23. You briefly went through a non-pointy hair phase that reflected your deep sense of inner turmoil about what you’d become.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

ID: 2004192

24. You just keep doing you.

ID: 2000973

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