19 Things Kids Can Get Away With That Adults Just Can’t

When kids do it, it’s cute; when you do it you get arrested.

1. Utilizing playground tubes

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2. Falling asleep anywhere and having it be cute

ID: 1725942

3. Using absolutely anything as a hat

ID: 1725401

4. Randomly yelling at any time

ID: 1725509

5. Just crawling under things

ID: 1725565

6. Wearing something insane without people questioning your mental state

ID: 1726020

7. Making a mess without people questioning your mental state

ID: 1726061

8. Just generally rolling around on the ground

ID: 1730936

9. Not responding to questions because awww, shy

ID: 1729801

10. Being excused from boring situations to “go play”

ID: 1730876

12. Looking natural and carefree on a moon bounce

ID: 1731307

13. Maintaining dignity in a kiddie pool

ID: 1731435

14. Just not wearing pants

ID: 1731563

15. Brazenly demanding ice cream

ID: 1731874


Silver Pictures / Via giphy.com
ID: 1731882

16. Crying when ice cream is denied

ID: 1731627


Fox / Via giphy.com
ID: 1731829

17. Being really into stuffed animals

ID: 1732183

18. Referring to a train as a “choo choo”

Dianna McDougall / Via dmcdgll.tumblr.com
ID: 1731940


ID: 1732018

19. Blaming poor decisions on “too much sugar”

ID: 1732024


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