19 Things Kids Can Get Away With That Adults Just Can’t

When kids do it, it’s cute; when you do it you get arrested.

1. Utilizing playground tubes

2. Falling asleep anywhere and having it be cute

3. Using absolutely anything as a hat

4. Randomly yelling at any time

5. Just crawling under things

6. Wearing something insane without people questioning your mental state

7. Making a mess without people questioning your mental state

8. Just generally rolling around on the ground

9. Not responding to questions because awww, shy

10. Being excused from boring situations to “go play”

12. Looking natural and carefree on a moon bounce

13. Maintaining dignity in a kiddie pool

14. Just not wearing pants

15. Brazenly demanding ice cream


Silver Pictures / Via giphy.com

16. Crying when ice cream is denied

17. Being really into stuffed animals

18. Referring to a train as a “choo choo”

Dianna McDougall / Via http://dmcdgll.tumblr.com

19. Blaming poor decisions on “too much sugar”

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