15 Ways To Dress For Your Weirdly Specific Body Shape

Dress to flatter your figure, even if you’re shaped like a wind turbine.

1. Pile of Towels

If your body shape is “pile of towels” avoid soft, flowing fabrics and go for a more structured look like a blazer with jeans.

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2. Credenza

If you’ve got one of those credenza-shaped bodies, it’s all about proportions. Try color blocking!

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3. Rhombus

If you’re shaped like a rhombus, show it off! You can get away with shorter shorts than you think.

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4. Starbucks Cup

If you’re one of the many “Starbucks Cups” out there, you’re not alone. The best look for you is solid colors with bold accessories.

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5. BBQ Sauce Display

If your body is “bbq sauce display” then remember these six little words: wrap dress, wrap dress, wrap dress. And for guys, try layering with a V-neck sweater.

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6. Giant Lady Gaga Egg

If you’re shaped like the giant egg Lady Gaga was inside for the 2011 Grammys, consider empire waists.

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7. Jack LaLanne Juicer

If your body type is “Jack LaLanne juicer,” consider wearing tiny hats.

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8. Tub of Oatmeal

If you’re shaped like a tub of oatmeal, the throwback peplum trend is for you. And pencil skirts are your best friend.

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9. Spanish Mustang

If you’re shaped like a Spanish Mustang, avoid high-waisted pants and go for looser-fitting looks.

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10. Wind Turbine

If your body shape is “wind turbine,” congratulations! Every style looks flattering on you.

ID: 861766

11. Scandinavia

If you’re shaped like Scandinavia, wide leg pants, my friend. Wide leg pants.

ID: 861773

12. Dodge Scion

If your body shape is “Dodge Scion,” find styles that cinch in at the waist and don’t forget a fun belt.

ID: 861799

13. Box of Cans

If your body type is “box of cans,” create length with a monochromatic look. Don’t forget to match the shoes, you box of cans.

ID: 861908

14. Jared

You can wear whatever you want! Even khakis and light wash denim!

ID: 861961

15. Yam

All you yams out there, show some skin!

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