21 Things That Happen When Looking For A Sorority Event Date

Many sorority events require dates. We all know that, sometimes, it can be a struggle.

1. When your friends ask if you know who you’ll take to the event:

2. When you realize you have no idea who you’re taking…

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…and this is how you really feel.

3. When you ask your little for help because she is wonderwoman…

…and because she is the social, go-getter, 2.0 version of yourself. Essentially, she is your spirit animal.

4. When you remember your last set up…

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…it’s hard to let go of the past.

5. And realize all you need is your fabulous self:

6. But then you get set up with your ideal date…

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…and you can’t wait to tell your roommate about it.

7. This lovely moment:

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8. When it all comes together and you realize it was all worth it:

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9. When the nerves hit:

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10. When the nerves hit…again:

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11. There may or may not be a pep talk involved:

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12. When all heads turn as you enter…

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…obviously your style and beauty have upgraded you to JayZ level.

13. When you don’t know how to introduce yourself this is what happens:

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14. Luckily your little came through!

20th Century Fox / Via tumblr.com

15. …and 3,2,1.

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16. When you realize why your little is your little:

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17. When your date hits the dance floor:

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18. When you immediately regret your decision:

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Even if just for one split second.

19. When you decide to join in on the fun, because, why not?

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If you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

20. When you all end up at your favorite neighborhood bar and grill afterwards:

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21. When you piece the night back together with your friends the next day:

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