These Labour MPs Support The Public Sector Strike Even If Ed Miliband Doesn’t

The Labour leader says strike action represents failure. These MPs are willing to stand up for strikers.

Pool / Reuters

Labour leader Ed Miliband has come out against today’s public sector strike, which unions claim has seen hundreds of thousands of teachers, firefighters and other local council staff walk out of work in protest at pay and conditions.

“Nobody wants to see these strikes because of the disruption that is being caused for parents and others,” Miliband said. “Strikes are always a sign of failure on all sides but the key now is to prevent further strikes and further disruption happening.”

“When the Government is today ramping up the rhetoric against public service workers demonising them even more I don’t think that’s the answer. The answer is to get round the table and prevent further strikes happening.”

But these Labour MPs have still come out in support of today’s strikes:

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