The Mum Of The Singer From The Kooks Is Standing For Parliament

She votes in her own way.

1. Here’s Sheila Boswell, the newly-selected Labour candidate for Putney, with Ed Miliband.

Sheila Boswell / Via

2. Look familiar? No? OK, have another look.

Sheila Boswell / Via Twitter: @sheilaboswell

3. Her son is Luke Pritchard, the lead singer of The Kooks.

5. And Sheila’s proud of her son - he’s even on her election leaflets.

Sheila Boswell / Via

6. Although it’s pretty unlikely that she will win the election.

Sheila will be fighting the incumbent Conservative MP Justine Greening, who has a majority of over 10,000 votes.

7. So you probably shouldn’t expect to see The Kooks wandering around the House of Commons any time soon.

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