One Of The Queen’s Pageboys Fainted During Her Speech

Poor lad.

1. Four boys were entrusted with carrying the Queen’s train into parliament for today’s State Opening of Parliament.


We’ve already explained why the State Opening of Parliament is a strange event.

The boys chosen had the gloriously diverse names of Hugo Bertie, The Hon. Charles Armstrong-Jones, Viscount Aithrie and Arthur Chatto.

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2. Unfortunately at the end of the speech a very audible thump can be heard.

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4. Man down.

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One of her maj's page boys keeled over there at end of speech, I think. He's been carried away

— Torcuil Crichton (@Torcuil)
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Queen such a pro. Didn't miss a beat when page boy fainted #QueensSpeech

— Tony Grew (@ayestotheright)
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8. Luckily the three remaining boys just about managed to make it out in one piece.


Tough game, politics.

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House of Lords spokesman: "We can confirm one of the page boys did faint slightly but he is now fine." Slightly? #QueensSpeech

— Emily Ashton (@elashton)
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