Labour Just Accidentally Tweeted A Promise To Give An Owl To Everyone In The Country


1. Labour accidentally tweeted a new vote-winning policy this afternoon.

And who are we to disagree?

Although the owl offer may only be open to men.

2. It’s a policy that cuts through to the wider population and could prove key in marginal seats:

7. Others wrote poems.

9. And some offered contact details for people wanting to learn more.

11. The country’s finest minds are already working out how to market the policy:

15. This is the owl video that Labour tweeted as proof of their policy’s credentials.

View this embed ›

Legions of Labour supporters are hoping this policy will end the #CostOfOwlingCrisis and was not just an accidental tweet by someone in the press department who doesn’t know how to use Hootsuite.


Labour has now pulled the policy.

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