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Jeremy Paxman Was Once Told To Start Tweeting And Absolutely Hated It

Great if you like passive aggressive tweets about bath plugs.

Dan Kitwood / Getty Images

Outgoing Newsnight presenter Jeremy Paxman last night told Channel 4 News that Twitter is “an activity for people who have got nothing going on in between their ears, or nothing going on in their lives” and added “I don’t want people to follow me”.

But in the process he accidentally confirmed that @JeremyPaxman is his real personal Twitter account: “I was asked to tweet once by some previous editor of this programme. I could think of four tweets, I think. I tweeted once about how I was going to have a cup of tea and I couldn’t decide between a digestive biscuit and a rich tea…”

2. This is Jeremy Paxman’s total contribution to Twitter:

3. It starts informative.

4. Then reflective.

5. He ponders the weather.

6. He ponders his tea.

Just contemplating a cup of tea. Rich Tea or digestive? I simply can't decide.

— JeremyPaxman (@Jeremy Paxman)

7. He just gives up.

These walking-around phones are something, aren't they?

— JeremyPaxman (@Jeremy Paxman)

8. And eighteen months later he returns to post a fuzzy picture of himself with a University of Kent alumni magazine.


For more of this, follow him on @JeremyPaxman.

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