George Osborne Has Just Got A Very Fluffy Dog For Downing Street

But has the chancellor considered the potential impact on the existing Downing street felines? Politics cat be a dog-eat-cat world.

1. Chancellor George Osborne has just got a new dog, which will live in his official residence at 11 Downing Street.

2. Lola is the first Downing Street dog in recent memory.

Britain’s political leaders have traditionally plumped for cats over canines, with a long line of political felines only coming to an end when Tony Blair’s family kicked out Humphrey in 1997.

3. But what does this mean for Downing Street’s cat population?

Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office is an official government position, held since February 2011 by Larry, who lives with David Cameron’s family at Number 10.

But he has already be usurped by Freya, a tabby owned by George Osborne that took up residence in the street in 2012. They now share the official title.

Scurilous rumours in Westminster suggest Larry just wasn’t up to the job of catching mice and Freya is now running the show.

4. Sources close to George Osborne told BuzzFeed that they are not expecting Lola to become embroiled in any political catfights with the existing animals.

It’s a very cat-friendly dog.

5. But coalitions can be easily upset by new arrivals. We’re not sure that the chancellor has considered the full implications of his decision to get a dog.

6. For a start, Larry now faces slipping to third in the pecking order…

Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters

7. …and with a new arrival he may be reduced to dreaming wistfully of a different, better age…

Mark Large - WPA Pool / Getty Images

8. …an age when he was dressed up for royal occassions…

James Glossop - WPA Pool / Getty Images

9. …and frolicked in bunting.

Ki Price / Reuters

Larry’s lowly status on Downing Street even became a political row when the journalist Matthew d’Ancona alleged that David Cameron didn’t even like the moggy.

10. Meanwhile, Freya will have to get used to sharing her house with a dog…

Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

Even Carly Rae Jepsen isn’t immune to the allure of the chancellor’s cat.

11. …and if she continues to head out on regular patrols of the Downing Street…

Cat watch Downing St : Freya was out and about this morning not worrying about the weather, Larry sleeping inside !!

— PoliticalPics (@Political Pictures)

12. …then she could be left out in the cold, while Lola curries favour with Osborne.

Oli Scarff / Getty Images

13. What’s more, the two Downing Street cats have already been caught scrapping – and that was well before any dog turned up on the scene.

Fight broke out outside No10 this morning with Larry and Freya at each others throats just like there owners !!!

— PoliticalPics (@Political Pictures)

14. But with three political animals now living on Downing Street, only one can emerge victorious.


15. It all hinges on what lies beneath Lola’s fluffy exterior.

16. UPDATE: Oh dear.

Thanks for all the messages. Some early issues with toilet training ... but we don't care. We love her.

— George_Osborne (@George Osborne)

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