LeBron James Had To Be Carried Off The Court Because The Air Conditioning Went Out

[Insert joke about too much heat for the Heat.]

1. LeBron James is the greatest basketball player that ever was, according to him. But there is something ever more powerful, against which even he was powerless Thursday night: temperatures in the upper 80s.

Michael Laughlin, Sun-Sentinel / MCT

The Miami Heat’s LeBron James sits on the sidelines Thursday after leaving the court.

3. LeBron and the Heat were at the AT&T Center in San Antonio Thursday night for Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Spurs. Near the end of the game, the air conditioning failed. Temperatures neared 90 degrees.

5. Like a true king, LeBron was carried off the court — after getting cramps. He missed the last four minutes of the game because the heat was too much.

7. The irony of too much heat for the Heat was not lost on Twitter:

15. Neither the heat nor the Heat were too much for the Spurs, however, who went on to win 110–95. Also worth noting: The average high temperature in Miami in June is 87 degrees.

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