Rifle-Toting Carjacker Leads Colorado Police On Wild Manhunt, Stops Freeway Drivers At Gunpoint

The man tried stopping several cars by standing in their lane and aiming his rifle at drivers. Earlier, he crashed an SUV through a garage door.

2. A dramatic manhunt began Wednesday afternoon when a man and woman carjacked a blue Subaru on Lookout Mountain in Jefferson County, Colorado, according to the local sheriff.

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4. Several minutes later, the couple had abandoned the stolen Subaru and were fleeing on foot.

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MORE IMAGES: Lookout Mountain carjacking suspect chase http://t.co/jF2T02eYhg #Denver #Colorado

— 7NEWS Denver Channel (@DenverChannel)
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7. The man soon found a dump truck in a parking lot and tried unsuccessfully to steal it.

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8. After failing to start the dump truck, the man entered a nearby home, stole another vehicle, and smashed through the garage door.

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Sky9 caught the moment the suspect smashed a stolen SUV out a garage door. He got it stuck along I-70 frontage

— Kyle Clark (@KyleClark)
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10. The man drove the vehicle a short distance on a dirt road, then stopped — perhaps because he got stuck — in an overgrown drainage ditch beside Interstate 70.

KMGH-TV followed the man via helicopter. At some point during the ordeal deputies also managed to arrest the woman, the sheriff reports.

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11. The man ran from the stolen vehicle to the side of I-70, where he tried to stop passing cars by pointing what looked like a semi-automatic assault rifle at drivers.

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At least one car slowed down but then sped away and escaped the near carjacking.

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12. Standing in the middle of the freeway with his rifle drawn, the man soon managed to stop a silver pickup truck. But he fled again when Deputy Fred Haggett rode onto the scene with his pistol drawn.

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13. With the deputy closing in, the man put down his guns and began walking away from the deputy.

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14. He tried to flee on foot — first walking, then running — but a deputy caught up and tackled him.

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WATCH: Full raw video of Jeffco deputies chasing Lookout Mountain carjacking suspects http://t.co/q8kpKEezuS #Denver

— 7NEWS Denver Channel (@DenverChannel)
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16. A driver — the guy in the neon green shirt — also got out of his car and helped hold down the man’s legs until other deputies arrived.

kdvr.com Fox 31
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17. The man was arrested by about 4:20 p.m. MDT.

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Male carjacking suspect in custody. Thx to Airtraffic9 for keeping an eye on #JCSO

— Jeffco Sheriff (@jeffcosheriffco)
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19. Watch the entire video here:

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