Amy Adams Gave Up Her First-Class Airline Seat To An American Soldier

When the American Hustle actress saw a uniformed soldier board a flight to L.A. she volunteered to give up her first class seat and sat in coach, a witness said.

2. Always-classy actress Amy Adams got even more amazing Friday when she volunteered to give up her first-class seat for an American solider.

The seat-swapping was witnessed by ESPN host Jemele Hill, who had been upgraded to the first-class cabin on the Detroit-to-Los Angeles flight.

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4. Hill told Fox News she watched as Adams noticed the soldier, whispered something to a traveling companion, then left for coach. A flight attendant later brought the solider up to the luxury cabin.

The flight attendant told Hill the soldier and Adams later met privately on the plane.

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5. After the flight, Adams told Inside Edition she “didn’t do it for attention for myself. I did it for attention for the troops.”

Adams ended up sitting in coach next to Ernest Owens, who said the actress told him she had always wanted to give up her seat for a soldier. “She just decided to put her money where her mouth is,” Owens said.

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7. Adams was born in Italy where her father, a U.S. Army serviceman, was stationed.

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