12 Things People Who Don’t Watch "Game Of Thrones" Can Assume About The Show

I still haven’t jumped on the bandwagon…but I’m pretty sure I have a good understanding of what GoT is about.

1. It was filmed on set of Miley Cyrus’s “Can’t Be Tamed” music video.

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2. They, too, loved The Station Agent.

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3. It is the Hunger Games.

And the odds are seriously not in their favor. I mean, do they even have penicillin?

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4. It’s a comedy!

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5. They’re pretty bad at chess.

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6. It’s…Twilight?

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7. No literally it’s The Hunger Games.

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8. Everyone in GoT lives in sword teepees.

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9. And they all ride a Norwegian Ridgeback to work.

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10. Scar’s human counterpart is in it.

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11. And bears yell at humans on the reg.

“I just mowed this dirt, I told you to stay off!!!”

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12. Ohhhhh wait, I get it now. It’s Xena porn!

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Hi Gabrielle!

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