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    • Jh619

      I hope the people who were just like us, and work hard to get where they are, remember how they grew up. And hopefully continue to use their fame and part of their fortune to help those less fortunate. But when your worth 600 million dollars and you donate 100 thousand to charity and go in for a photo op at a hospital for an hour a year … And say you are caring about the less fortunate and want to really make a difference, I don’t know. I’m sure the charity still appreciates their contribution and the publicity it attracts no matter what size, but cmon! I’m not trying to group all celebrities together. There are many that despite their uber fame and fortune that they seem to genuinely care about the state of the world outside of their own bubbles. And they make a big difference by helping to shine a light on big issues and actually put their money where their mouth is. But I think it’s few and far between. And let’s not even start talking about the non-celebrities. The CEO billionaires of the world that just have more money than they can ever count and the ones that don’t give a sh*t about anything but themselves and their net worth. They are even worse! I know we are human and we ALL want more money, to be more successful. I just would like to think that if I ever “made it big” or had millions upon millions in the bank, I would give back as much as I can. My time as well as my money. But you know… Maybe that’s bullshit… Maybe when that actually happens, people change. Look at what happens to most ppl that win the lottery. All that money…. So fast. Ppl can’t handle it. Maybe it’s nearly impossible for someone famous/rich to NOT think, “I earned this…I want the best of everything for myself… I want 10 cars… And 3 mansions.. And a private plane….” Who knows..

    • Jh619

      I just don’t get it… What ONE person needs all of this money… 600 million? Even… 10 million. I understand that’s part of the job, to get paid absorbent amounts of $$. But cmon… “The King and the pawn end up in the same box”… You can’t take your money and mansions and golden tigers past your grave. I know a lot of these celebrities are contributing to charities and bringing attention to great causes which is great and I hope they keep doing that - But this just makes me sad. I know, I know.. That’s the way the world works. But it makes me super sad. I’m not saying actors shouldn’t get paid or paid well. Same for nba/nfl players, models, etc. I get that that’s a big incentive to do that job. The money. But… I just can’t imagine. How can you even spend 600 million… Or even 10 million in your life so easily? A 200 thousand watch here. A 500,000 birthday bash there. Just sounds mostly… Unnecessary. I’m not saying capitalism is bad, but… Man.. This makes me think.

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