20 Hilarious Presidential Photos

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1. Grrr!

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

2. Woops!

AFP / TIM SLOAN / Getty Images

3. Science is still amazing no matter how old you are.

Aude Guerruccip-Pool / Getty Images

4. Calvin Coolidge, you’re not supposed to stand up in cars.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

5. Happy Birthday Mr. President

Alex Wong / Getty Images

6. Never leave home without a smile.

AFP / JEWEL SAMAD / Getty Images

7. Hygiene is important.


8. Presidents like jellybeans just like us.

NBC / Getty Images

9. Weapon of mass destruction.

Mario Tama / Getty Images

10. The presidency is full of surprises.


11. Nothing to see here, just William Howard Taft beinh himself

Topical Press Agency / Getty Images

12. Close encounter of the turkey kind.

AFP / TIM SLOAN / Getty Images

13. Who’s arm is that!?

AFP / JOHNNY EGGIT / Getty Images

14. Dubya was a cheerleader. Seriously.

Mark Wilson / Getty Images

15. Reading is serious business.

AFP / SAUL LOEB / Getty Images

16. Clinton used to be a Billy

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

17. Just Nixon performing at the Grand Ole Opry.

18. Doors are hard.

19. Fast food for presidents on the go.

20. Teddy was badass.

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