10 Best Dressed Presidents

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1. Reagan definitely looked the part for the biggest role of his career.

Not even a pink shirt could hold him back.

2. Lincoln preserved the Union and looked good while doing so.

3. Teddy Roosevelt was dashing in the office.

What’s there not to love about this man?

4. John Quincy Adams was the first President to have his photograph taken and he knew how to dress the part.

5. The fashion police have nothing on Obama.

Seriously, we’ve got a badass over here.

6. JFK is the epitome of presidential style.

To casual wear, the man made it all look good.

7. Who doesn’t love an Ike in uniform?

8. Rock that hat Coolidge. Rock it.

9. Want to learn how to bear the weight of the world on your shoulders and leave nary a wrinkle? Have a fireside chat with FDR, he’ll tell you how.

He also has a few pointers on accessorizing.

10. And of course we can’t forget about number 42.

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