12 Times David Cameron Tried To Fool Us Into Thinking He Is A Normal Person

We’re all in it together, you know? Dave is JUST LIKE US…

1. When he warmed up for a jog by a traffic light.

ID: 2299625

2. When he had a fry-up with OUR LADS.

ID: 2299627

3. When he shook hands with someone in a tracksuit.

ID: 2299642

4. When he went for a bike ride and showed a high regard for safety.

ID: 2299646

5. When he sat on a really low chair.

ID: 2299650

6. When he got arrested for weeing on someone’s front garden and tried really hard to explain himself.

ID: 2299658

7. When he posed for a photo with a northern man with a beard.

ID: 2299660

8. When he did a morning shift at Sainsburys just for a bit of extra pocket money.

ID: 2299675

9. When he tried his best to not look confused by the fact that Haim were female musicians.

ID: 2299695

10. When Sam Cam looked repulsed by his physical proximity in public.

ID: 2299701

11. When he got the Tube.

Via ft.com

Yeah, just a casual lean on the post…

ID: 2299715

12. When he drank a bloody pint like a bloody bloke.

ID: 2299723

He’s just a totes normal guy. No big deal OK? NOTHING TO SEE HERE.

ID: 2299749

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