8 Photos That Will Make You Rethink Your Opinion Of Snakes

Snakes have a bad rap, but they can be pretty cute. Case in point? These 8 happy-go-lucky snakes.

1. Admit it: these eyes are heartwarming

ID: 962194

2. Cuteness must run in this family’s genes

ID: 962222

3. This white snake looks so fresh and clean! Dare we say like fallen snow?

ID: 962243

4. Is it wrong to want to cuddle this hognose snake?

ID: 962287

5. Hello there…

ID: 962256

6. Who could be grossed out by a snake this dapper?

Via http://reddit
ID: 962325

7. This little baby snake looks pretty non-threatening and relaxed

ID: 962355

8. Peekaboo!

ID: 962322

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