The Emotional Struggles Of Shop Assistants During The January Sales

Endless hoards of customers on a mission. Working in retail is not for the faint hearted!

2. It’s time for the January sales!

Prepare for a whole new breed of customer.

3. Shoppers who disregard all clearly labeled sale items. “What’s in the sale?”

4. “But it says this is in the sale.”

They say, as they hold an item without a sale label.

5. “Why isn’t this in the sale?”

The shoppers who take sales stock personally.

6. Oh and by the way, you can kiss goodbye to that perfect piece of merchandising.

Clothes on the floor, broken packaging, discarded items littering the shop…

7. Some customers don’t even look at what they’re buying.

Which inevitably leads to ridiculous unwanted purchases.

8. And then you have to explain the sales return policy to irate customers.

9. You can forget about customers queuing for the changing rooms…

… yes that ol’ favourite British activity, well, no one has time for that these days!

10. Nobody wants your chit chat at the tills either, they just want to pay and move on to the next shop.

11. Every now and then you’ll find someone genuinely shocked by their savings.

12. But for the most part, the festive cheer that once was has certainly left the building.

13. By the end of your shift you just can’t cope with another day working in retail.

14. Good luck guys, you’re going to need it!

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