30 Signs You Went To Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Living in the most beautiful place in the world provided the best college experience you could ask for. Here’s 30 reasons to remind you why.

1. You went to the football stadium…to watch soccer.

Cal Poly Manglers!

2. You had a beach cruiser bike, but never rode it.

Because campus is one big freaking hill.

3. You own several of these in multiple colors.

Green, pink, yellow, blue…

4. Perfectly situated between NorCal and SoCal, you had several debates about who was better.

5. When you hear the word “slow” you really hear “SLO.”

6. As a freshman, you thought Pita Pit was the best thing since sliced bread. By the time you became a senior you refused to set foot in one.

I mean they delivered to the dorms, what else did you need?

7. After the dorms, you either spent a year living here or had friends that did.

I mean each unit came with leather couches and you were across the street from campus! Plus no one else would take you with zero rental history.

8. In your opinion, nothing beats Bali’s.

Don’t you dare say Yogurt Creations!

9. You have very fond memories of WOW Week.

Everyone throws the best parties and celebrates the last days of summer. Oh and wowies arrive or something like that.

10. Before you could buy alcohol, you were slappin the wine bag.

Franzia was your savior.

11. You’re sick of explaining how the quarter system works.

12. You were either for High Street or Gus’s. There was no in between.

Get the 420 special!

13. You know without a doubt where the best tri tip sandwich can be found.

14. You went all out for wine tasting.

15. This was your best friend at 2am.

We all bragged it was the highest selling Taco Bell in the country.

16. As a girl, you freaked the f*ck out whenever this happened.

You know you ditched class and work for it.

17. You and your friends had a go to house. You just showed up. No need to call.

The Loomis house was both where we partied and where we recuperated the next day from said party.

18. You don’t know how anyone survived before this opened.

The bacon maple bar blew your mind.

19. Every St. Patrick’s Day from your college years are blurry memories.

Green beer in hand by 6am.

20. In fact, graduation is the same.

Why do so many bars open up at 6am in SLO?

21. You definitely have a piece of gum on Bubble Gum Alley.

22. When you had a visitor, you made sure to take them here.

World’s best clam chowder.

23. The Library was not a place to study.

24. This was your hangover cure.

Breakfast burrito please!

25. You had no need for Whole Foods.

26. Before 2011, going to Target was a group outing.

Sure there’s a Target by Costco now, but back in my day (insert old person voice) you had to drive to Atascadero for that!

27. You saw this every weekend at Santa Rosa Park.

Way to be who you are LARPers.

28. When someone said Madonna, you thought of the inn or the mountain.

Never the artist.

29. You still wonder why you didn’t spend more time at the beach.

Avila Beach

30. Finally, there is only one Cal Poly. (Pomona who?)

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