45 Fabulous Prom Dresses Inspired By Your All-Time Favorite Disney Characters

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1. Cinderella


From Cinderella. Get it here.

ID: 2584324

2. Nemo


From Finding Nemo. Find the dress here.

ID: 2586013

3. Dory



Get the dress here.

ID: 2590386

4. Alice


Get this tea-party chic look here.

ID: 2584170

5. The Cheshire Cat


From Alice in Wonderland. Rent it here.

ID: 2585777

6. Queen of Hearts


Available here.

ID: 2586239

7. Jasmine


From Aladdin. Get the dress here.

ID: 2575366

8. Rajah


Jasmine’s trusty sidekick. Get this tiger-striped maxi number here.

ID: 2585416

9. Genie


From Aladdin. Make one of your own wishes come true; get the dress here.

ID: 2586417

10. Tiana


From The Princess and the Frog. Get it here.

ID: 2575187

11. Aurora


AKA Sleeping Beauty. Dress from Herve Leger, available here.

ID: 2575615

12. Maleficent


From Sleeping Beauty. And Maleficent. Get the look here.

ID: 2584985

13. Megara


From Hercules. This grecian number is only $80 here.

ID: 2575194

14. Hercules


Be a hero, rent it here.

ID: 2585817

15. Rapunzel


From Tangled. Get it here.

ID: 2590262

16. Pocahontas


Get it here.

ID: 2575241

17. Cruella De Vil


If she doesn’t scare you… the price of this coat actually might. Available here.

ID: 2584710

18. Perdita


Dog number one of 101 Dalmations. Get it here.

ID: 2590155

19. Mr. Smee


Yo Ho, Yo Ho, the pirate’s stripe for me.

ID: 2585938

20. Peter Pan


Think happy thoughts. Like wearing this dress.

ID: 2586257

21. Tinkerbelle



ID: 2585361

22. Captain Hook


Get it here.

ID: 2590170

23. Jessie


From Toy Story 2. Get the dress here.

ID: 2585545

24. Buzz Lightyear


Rent it here.

ID: 2585784

25. Ariel


Aka The Little Mermaid. Get it here. Dinglehopper not included.

ID: 2584735

26. Sebastian


Get it here.

ID: 2584954

27. Ursula



ID: 2586072

28. Simba


Be the envy of the pride. Get this fierce dress here.

ID: 2586521

29. Sulley


From Monsters, Inc. Get it here.

ID: 2585574

30. Snow White



ID: 2575597

31. Dopey


Get it here.

ID: 2587448

32. Merida


If you’re feeling Brave, get this (expensive) dress here.

ID: 2575173

33. Jane


From Tarzan. Get it here.

ID: 2583660

34. Princess Dot


From Disney and Pixar’s A Bug’s Life. Get the dress here.

ID: 2586749

35. Lightning McQueen


From Cars. Get it here.

ID: 2586784

36. Lilo


Of Lilo & Stitch. Similar styles here.

ID: 2585924

37. Jessica Rabbit


From Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Get it here.

ID: 2586707

38. Mulan


Get the dress here.

ID: 2575492

39. Belle


From Beauty and the Beast. Get it here.

ID: 2586384

40. Beast


Get it here.

ID: 2584667

41. Lumiere


Light up the dance floor. Get the dress here.

ID: 2587208

42. Sorcerer Mickey


From Fantasia. Dress by Victoria Beckham, here.

ID: 2587254

43. Minnie Mouse


Get it here.

ID: 2585504

44. Elsa


From Frozen. High-Low never bothered me anyway. Get it here.

ID: 2575593

45. Olaf


Get it here.

ID: 2584791

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