24 Hilarious Divorce Cakes That Are Even Better Than Wedding Cakes

Have your divorce and eat it too.

1. A steampunk wedding means a steampunk divorce.

ID: 3223167

2. This intricate design is basically an edible settlement agreement.

ID: 3223203

3. Though not edible, this one was made from actual divorce papers.

Pretty crafty.

ID: 3223102

4. Rats, anyone?

ID: 3223530

5. The heart is a lonely island.

ID: 3223253

6. Well that’s one way of making amends.

ID: 3223293

8. Melancholy, but very intricate.

ID: 3223361

9. Bury the ring, once and for all.

Just be careful not to swallow it.

ID: 3223416

10. Has anybody seen Ken?

ID: 3223422

11. One ring to rule them all.

ID: 3223433

12. Clear. Concise. Confirmed.

ID: 3223442

13. Is that how the saying goes?

ID: 3223448

15. She doesn’t look very sorry about it.

ID: 3223534

16. That is one large pan.

ID: 3223538

17. This one focuses on the positive aspects of being single.

ID: 3223591

18. Freedom isn’t free.

(Neither is Divorce.)

ID: 3223597

19. Cake first, then tattoo.

Retro Bakery /
ID: 3223632

20. Aww, this one is actually kind of cute!

~Who’s a grumpy little divorce cake?~

ID: 3223665

21. Enough said.

ID: 3223683

22. Have you ever seen poop made out of icing?

Well….at least we think it’s icing.

ID: 3223542

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