You Should Have A Bagel Today

Need more convincing?

1. Today is the hole-iest of days.

2. That’s right, it’s National Bagel Day. AMEN!

3. You should definitely eat an everything bagel today.


5. Have an onion bagel if you’re feeling zesty.

6. Or a poppy seed bagel.

7. Or you could opt for sesame.

8. Salt bagels are quite tasty.

9. But you can never go wrong with a cinnamon sugar bagel.

10. Want something heartier? How about a breakfast sandwich?

11. And of course, LOX.

12. Woke up too late for breakfast? Bagels also make a GREAT lunch.

13. Have an international day with a pizza bagel!

14. Or warm yourself up with a grilled cheese bagel.

16. But wait, it gets better: Nutella bagels for dessert!

17. A chocolate chip bagel with chocolate cream cheese is definitely healthy. (It’s a bagel, come on.)

18. Just please, please, please, do NOT do this.

20. Happy Bagel Day!

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