When You Were A Kid Vs. Kids Today

So many more screeeeeens.

1. 1. Talking to your friends after school when you were a kid:


2. Kids talking to their friends now:

3. 2. Concert audiences when you were a kid: no cell phones.

5. 3. Taking pictures when you were a kid:

6. Kids taking pictures today:

7. 4. You writing an essay as a kid:


8. Kids writing an essay today:


9. 5. When your mom told you to go play outside:

10. When Mom tells kids to play outside today:

11. 6. Watching a movie when you were a kid:

12. Kids watching a movie now:

13. 7. Making friends when you were a kid:


15. 8. Long car rides when you were a kid: playing “I Spy.”

16. Long car rides for kids today:

17. 9. Halloween costumes when you were a kid:


18. Halloween costumes today:

19. 10. When one of your parents left to go to the store: off the grid.

20. When parents leave today: nope.

21. 11. Reading comics when you were a kid:

22. Kids reading comics today:

24. Free time for kids now:

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