23 Ways To Celebrate Christmas Like A Dad


1. Find creative ways to give your holiday gifts.

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2. Try to save money in fun ways whenever possible.

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4. Put your decorating skills to good use.

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5. Try something new with the Christmas lights this year.

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6. Pay attention to details.

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7. Give your kids some yummy candy as stocking stuffers.

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8. Have a plan:

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9. Make your holiday cards as hilarious as possible.

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10. Pick out a festive tree skirt for your family.

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11. Make sure your kids know that money doesn’t grow on trees.

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12. Pick up your tree in style.

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13. Crank up those holiday-ready tunes.

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14. Use humor to have fun.

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15. No, really. Keep the jokes coming!

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16. There are SO MANY good jokes this time of year:

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17. Unpack your decor the dad way.

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18. Follow directions carefully.

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19. But always maintain your sense of reality.

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21. Remember, it’s a great time of year to accessorize!

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22. And always, always get your kids the gifts they asked for.

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23. And remember that your best joke is right in front of you:

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