This Is The Alleged "Secret Menu" At McDonald’s

The dollar menu may be dead (RIP), but you can still allegedly order these top-secret McDonald’s items.

1. The Pie McFlurry

“Order a Pie and a McFlurry. Next, ask them politely if they could blend it in with your McFlurry of choice for an amazing ‘Pie McFlurry.’”

ID: 1850910

2. The “McGangBang”

“Request a double cheeseburger, and have a second bun placed between the two pieces of beef. Inside of this bun rests a McChicken patty.”

ID: 1850811

3. The “McCrepe”

“Order some hotcakes, and a yogurt parfait. Ask them to scoop the fruit on top of the hotcake along with granola.”

ID: 1850791

4. The “Mc 10:35”

“Order a McDouble and a regular egg McMuffin. Omit bread from the McDouble and stick those patties and cheese right into the McMuffin.”

ID: 1850849

5. Biscuits and gravy

Allegedly, some McDonalds locations will give you this.

ID: 1850865

6. Neopolitan milkshake

“Simply walk up to the counter and ask for a ‘Neapolitan Shake,’ which is vanilla, chocolate and strawberry blended together.”

ID: 1850869

7. The “Land, Air and Sea Burger”

“Ask for a Big Mac, a McChicken and a Filet-O-Fish burger to be put on the same bun.”

ID: 1850916

8. The “Monster Mac”

“Just ask for a Big Mac with 8 beef patties – and you’ve got the Monster Mac.”

ID: 1850920

9. The “McKinley Mac”

“Walk up to the counter and ask for a ‘McKinley Mac.’ If they are unfamiliar, tell them that you want quarter pound patties in your Big Mac.”

ID: 1850938

10. Grilled Cheese

Obviously: “Ask for a bun with cheese in it, grilled, instead of a burger patty.”

ID: 1850956

11. Root Beer Float

“Ask for a scoop of vanilla soft serve in your root beer.”

ID: 1850976

A McDonald’s representative declined to comment on specific menu items to BuzzFeed, saying:

“Our fans like to customize our menu in many unique ways. It’s important to remember that participation varies from restaurant to restaurant as McDonald’s franchisees are independent business owners.”

ID: 1850990

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